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Friday, March 22, 2013

Christian Nation Crock of Shit

I can't count how many times I've heard America referred to as "a Christian nation".  Every time I hear it I just want to reach out and slap whoever was a big enough idiot to mutter the words.  Why would a country founded on religious freedom ever claim to be sponsored by only one?  Saying the nation belongs to one religious doctrine is ignorant and vain.  Now here's why.

Let's start it off by simply applying Christian beliefs.  Life begins at conception, yet so many "Christians" are pro-choice.  Some take the passive-aggressive route and claim they believe it's wrong, but women should still have the right to choose.  By that logic, I should be able to choose a stranger at random and strike them down without repercussion.

Murder is wrong regardless of reasons, yet we still have the death penalty.  We go to war with other countries for their resources and call it a "holy war".

We're beginning to take God out of our pledge of allegiance.  Most television networks censor the word "God".  Prayer is being taken out of schools.  We have legal prostitution.  Our culture promotes drunkenness.  Sex sells, etc. etc.

Personally, I couldn't be happier that we aren't a Christian nation.  I hate being badgered daily by various denominations.  There's so many, and they differ in the smallest ways in so many things and claim truth.  I grew up Catholic from kindergarten through my senior year of high school, and no I did not have a Fr. Badtouch.  All it taught me was intolerance, hatred and fear, despite what the clergy tells you.  Sure religion can be a great source for morals, but when you tell a child he can't take a candy bar without paying for it or he'll spend his entire existence after death in pain, torture and hell-fire ..I begin to question your motives.  People should not do certain things because those things are wrong and hurt others, not because they'll "burn for eternity".  Not until I opened my mind to new things did I realize how horrible Christianity truly is.  I cleared almost my entire list of mortal sins in one afternoon without stepping foot in a confessional.

Do this, feel bad or go to hell.  Judge people for their beliefs and practices, raise your noses at them and walk away or worse, try to "save" them.  Completely ignore or misinterpret MASSIVE amounts of scripture to suit your individual beliefs.  Condemn others for their lifestyle choices and become aghast when one returns the favor.

This is what Christianity in America has become.  In a country founded on freedom of religion, I happily hold allegiance to none.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Car Culture - Evolving but not exactly changing

We all have grandparents, or at least did at one point.  Right around the age of 14 you start getting into cars, planning out your first car.  What it will be, what you'll want to do to it, the color, the wheels, the engine, etc. Your dad or grandpa will speak of the olden days.  Of their first cars, which they bought for what now is considered a week's pay, and how they spent weekends in the garage tweaking them and making them faster.  Their glory days.  The days which are now yours.

The culture surrounding the automotive industry is astounding no matter which way you look at it.  You have the innovators coming up with more efficient cars, new technology and safer vehicles.  You have the designers working with clay models and wind tunnels to find the most impressive lines you have ever seen.  Then you have the batshit crazy people.  These are the people that buy these cars and then do to them the unthinkable.  They change everything, making the car their own.

These people have been around since cars have existed.  Most notably the muscle car era, with 8 cylinders of insanity, suspension that handled as if it didn't exist, and traction like driving on sheets of ice.  The cars you see at shows with old men in lawn chairs right behind, drinking beer and talking to the couple next to them about these damn kids and computerized machines.  I've talked with a few of these gentlemen and most of them have been holding onto these cars for decades.  It's incredible.  They have stories of wrecks, resurrections, donuts, wheelies, races, anything you can do with a car they have done, and will happily tell you about it all.

Then you have the guys who are obsessed with what I refer to as "the forgotten generation" of cars;  the 80s.  These cars look as though their designed with rulers.  Extreme angles, minimal curves and drastically under-powered engines.  These guys are more nuts than the muscle car guys.  They tear out the old engines, do insane swaps, like throwing a Chevy 350 into an old RX-7.  Hell, I've even seen a big block Chevy engine in a CRX that didn't even fit in the car, but by God they put it in there...and boy did it run.  These guys seem to be less about form and more about "hot, nasty, bad-ass speed" - Eleanor Roosevelt.

Now you have the low crowd.  The kids buying much newer cars, slamming them to the ground and putting on oversized wheels with undersized tires.  There are still the modern muscle car guys as well.  Working with incredibly complicated engines like Ford's 4.6 modular engine and Chevy's prized LS series motors, which require a second mortgage to replace the top-end.

I guess my point is this:  As long as there are cars on the road, there will be men willing to spend half of their annual salary to create their own personal masterpiece.  Sure it may be becoming slightly less popular with modern culture, but who cares right?  Car culture is one of the very few international pastimes.  So get out there and do something with yours.  It can be as small as putting a silly decal on your window or as large as a frame off restoration.  You don't need deep pockets to create something.  See it, do it, and drive 'til it dies.

Yours in oil,

Mr. Two

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Time of the Sir - Forgotten but not entirely gone

Now before we get started let me clarify.  I'm not talking the medieval knighted Sir.  This is about the 1950's American Sir.  The man with a good suit and a firm handshake.  A man among men, and not "overly manly man".  This is the needle in the haystack in modern society.

Here is my further explanation of what, in my opinion, deems a man a "sir" or "gentleman".

As I stated, this man should have at least one good quality and well-fitting suit that can be worn for any occasion.  You can do anything with a black suit, so we'll go with that.  Develop a relationship with a good tailor and their work will do wonders for your confidence and first impressions.  He should dress to impress wherever he goes.  This doesn't necessarily mean always wear a suit, but don't go to a social function in lounge clothes.

This man has a firm handshake.  I've grasped many hands in my 24 years and quickly learned the many different grips.  For the love of all that is holy do not try to give me a limp, lifeless hand.  There are no words for how much I hate this.  There is such a thing as "too strong".  Do not strangle or crush my hand, this isn't a contest.  Don't grip too early and crush my fingers.  A good handshake should lock at the thumbs, there is no debating this.  None of that warrior, grab the forearm crap.  I don't have a knife up my sleeve, stop it.  Try to squeeze more with the center of the hand rather than the fingers.  Grasp with the fingers, squeeze with the palm.

A gentleman doesn't waste time on those who waste theirs.  This extends anywhere from the people who complain at work and do nothing, to those that stay home glued to the TV or computer accomplishing nothing.  Now I don't mean don't be friends with these people, but don't invest in them.  They will eventually drag you down and demotivate you.

He gives women the respect they deserve.  No ladies, this doesn't mean he automatically respects you.  If you dress like a whore, he's wasting his time even talking to you.  Although he should still hold a door or let you take his seat if there are no others, and yes, you should thank him.  There is a difference between common courtesy and respect.  If a woman respects herself, she earns the respect of a gentleman.

Now to the whole point of this blog.

With the gradual demoralization of society, increasing population, decline of adolescent education, this man has slowly worked his way into "endangered" territory.  Employers now require you to spend $60,000+ to get a piece of paper called a "degree" that usually teaches you nothing about your eventual job.  Only the big wigs wear suits to the office and no one shakes hands unless it's an old company still run with "boy's club" ethics.

A disgustingly large portion of society is on welfare with no intent of finding gainful employment.  Either that, or they are content working dead end jobs and living in a small apartment and calling themselves "minimalists".  They get off work and spend countless hours playing Call of Duty or WOW or some other pointless game.

With the constant onslaught of pop culture talking about drinking, dancing, sleeping with random women or men, etc. people feel the need to be whores.  This goes for men and women.  Life is a game they only get to play once, as they so often like to remind people.  I've opened so many doors for people without being thanked or even acknowledged.  A select few have even had the audacity to look at me like I did something wrong.

People of the internet, I implore you, acknowledge and encourage this behavior whenever and wherever you witness it.  Encourage people to get off their ass and make something of themselves.  HR people, focus more on a person's willingness to learn rather than their amount of student loans.  A degree doesn't beget work ethics.  Men, stop listening to pop music.  I don't mean stop enjoying it, but stop applying it to your daily life. Open doors, stop calling each other "nigga" and stop calling women "bitches" if you don't know them (some truly are though, and that can't be helped).

Do these things and we can bring back the Sir.